Senior Balance Exercises For Preventing Fall

By Suzanne Stoke, Physical Therapist @ Exercise For Balance via

   There are many components to healthy living that older folks can partake in including a healthy diet, strengthening exercises and senior  balance exercises. Please see more pertinent information at Another strong factor for a good quality of life for aging individuals includes brain processing. Unfortunately, medical researchers have found that in later years, the speed of brain processing slows down and affects many components of living, including walking. Consequently, for older adults, changes in brain activity influences one’s chances of falling. The ability to keep balance and avoid falling depends not only on leg strength, but also on complex and simple reaction times, known as ‘brain speed’. In a new medical study, elders with good reaction times were able to balance on one leg for a longer period of time than those whose brains worked more slowly. As a result, the faster one’s brain can move between events (identifying a loss of balance and executing a safe alternative to maintain balance), the better off people are in avoiding falls. In other words, when some senior citizens fall, their brains may not be keeping up with what is happening and unable to quickly recover from a loss of balance.  Another study found that people whose brains work hard when trying to complete complex activities (such as walking and talking at the same time) may have a higher risk of falling than those individuals who do both tasks with ease. When elders perform any cognitively demanding task, their brains become more active to handle the challenge. Walking and talking at the same time requires greater attention. Thus, more brain effort is expended, which in some individuals can lead to falling. As a result, medical professionals recommend that aging individuals reform certain senior balance exercises in order to enhance their steadiness and reduce their potential for a fall.

Prevent Falls With Senior Balance Exercises

    By rehearsing senior balance exercises on a daily basis, older folks can advance their steadiness skills and minimize their risk for falling. Healthcare professionals recommend to those in the aging population that you practice certain equilibrium routines to develop and strengthen your balance reactions. As an example, you can stand on one foot for twenty seconds three times and repeat this sequence while standing on the other foot. This single leg standing routine will build strong and fast balance reactions in your feet and ankles, which can translate to enhanced stability during all movement  routines. You can progress this single leg standing routine by standing on one foot and slowly swinging the other foot forwards and backwards three times and then swing the foot side to side three times. This combination of static and dynamic stability routines will build even stronger balance reactions and reduce the possibility of falling. One other recommendation is that you rehearse these steadiness routines on a regular basis to establish needed muscle-brain connections.  You can learn this senior balance exercise by following the direction of a qualified Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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