Senior Balance Exercises At Home

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  For many older adults getting out to a clinic or gym can be very difficult, which necessitates that need to practice strengthening exercises and  senior balance exercises at home.  Please see more pertinent information at In addition, many older individuals are more likely to complete a fitness program if they can practice the exercises in the comfort of their own home.  As a result, many medical professionals like Physician assistance, nurses and physical therapists have worked on producing fitness programs to be experienced at home.  For example, as a physical therapist I have recommended some of my patients who have complaints of both dizziness and imbalance to practice a simple stability routine at home.  This steadiness routine improves function of the inner ear vestibular system as well as the balance system.  This final exercise involves sitting in a rocking chair and rocking back and forth while looking straight ahead.  The rocking chair provides motion to the inner ear vestibular organs, helping them to maximize their function.  Two progress this exercise, I can ask the patient to continue with rocking while adding head turns side to side or up and down.  By adding head turns, I can increase the complexity of the exercise to further advance the sensory input into the balance center in the brain.  To be sure, this rocking chair routine is vary challenging for anyone who has symptoms of lightheadedness or a dizziness.  Usually folks who have complaints of lightheadedness and dizziness also suffer from imbalance and would also benefit from practicing specific senior balance exercises.

Home Style Senior Balance Exercises

    By Practicing senior balance exercises at home, older adults are able to enhance their stability, thereby reducing and their potential risk for falling and hurting themselves.  In addition to practicing routines while rocking in a rocking chair to stimulate their inner ear and balance system, aging individuals can combine this routine with a standing steadiness exercise.  one example of a standing equilibrium routine is tandem standing. tandem stnding involves having the one foot positioned directly in front of the other foot.  during A  tandem standing procedure, each individual will attempt to hold the position for twenty seconds and repeat that exercise three times on each foot.  At first, tandem standing routines can be very challenging.  The older adult will naturally experience movement at their feet and ankles, which is their natural balance reactions at work.  Over time however, the person will experience  improvement in their balance reactions which will lead to a more stable experience during this steadiness exercise.  As a result, the older individual will become more stable with all movement activities such as walking upstairs, turning it in the kitchen or bathroom and staying a steady during dressing activities.  In the long run, the  older adult will be able to diminish their symptoms of dizziness as well as enhance their overall steadiness to improve their quality of life.  You can learn how to correctly perform tandem standing routines as well as other senior balance exercises by following the direction of a qualified physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

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