Senior Balance Exercises For Aging Adults

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   Paying attention is important for older adults and certain stability techniques and senior balance exercises can help aging individuals be more mindful and steady on their feet. Please see more information at As we age, we can become more easily distracted, which can lead to loss of balance or decreased mobility, resulting in a harmful fall. Lack of attention in senior citizens can be secondary to poor hearing, difficulty with cognitive processing, attempting to do more than one task at a time or being under stress. Furthermore, an individual with a cognitive impairment (like mild dementia) may exhibit outward signs is by demonstrating a reduced attention to the task. It’s important to be aware of factors that affect attention, one of which is noise. As healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, physical therapists caregivers, we know that on occasion, the environments in which we’re asked to provide our therapeutic interventions or environments like nursing homes or restaurants may be less than ideal with regard to noise levels. If you know someone with a cognitive impairment, and you add a noisy environment onto that, you’re going to see a significant decline in function. If you know that the setting you are heading into will be noisy, you may want to make a  suggestion that you have to have the older individual complete a certain physical task or certain activity where the environment needs to be as quiet as possible. In addition, there are other external senses that can affect someone’s ability to attend. For example, as caregivers, if we know that someone has attentional issues and they typically wear glasses, we need to make sure that their glasses are on. If we know someone with a hearing loss, we need to make sure that they are wearing their hearing aids. We can avoid and alleviate some attentional based impairments by making sure that those senses are at their highest practicable level during task completion. Fortunately, there are several steadiness techniques and senior balance exercises that older adults can practice in advance to help i9mprove their stability and focus their attention on balance skills.

Focused Senior Balance Exercises

   By focusing on steadiness strategies and by performing senior balance exercises on a regular basis, older individuals are able to enhance their stability and minimize the possibility of a fall. One of the most popular steadiness techniques is to stand with your weight shoulder width a part and center your body weight in the middle of your feet. In this position, you can concentrate on keeping your body weight focused on one center point. By maintaining your body weight centered on one balance point, you will be able to connect the sensory input from your feet to the balance center in your brain. This specific concentration will increase the attention you give to your balance skills, which will translate into better stability with all standing and walking movement activities. You can learn how to accurately rehearse these steadiness strategies and senior balance exercises by joining in with the demonstration of a qualified Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

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