Senior Balance Exercises For Older Adults

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  For most of us, as we enter our later years, we experience changes in the body which seem to slow tasks down and require practicing senior balance exercises to maintain safety with various movement activities. Please see more information at As we age, our bodies tend to go through changes such as muscle weakness, joint stiffness and imbalance. As the body slows down, so does the mind. For instance, many older individuals a slowing in their cognitive function. One way to notice slowing in cognition is to monitor how long an older adult takes to answer a question. Medical professionals like doctors, nurses and physical therapists  as well as loved ones can recognize cognitive changes in speech recognition. As an example, an outwardly physical sign that may indicate a cognitive impairment is the increased time required to respond to questions and to initiate tasks. In order to recognize that someone needs more time to respond, we have to give them more time to respond. when someone starts to have a cognitive decline, sometimes all they need is some increased time to process. medical research shows that an individual with cognitive impairment may need ten or more seconds to process what you’ve said and state an explanation. This is important to realize because if we don’t allow that processing time, we often assume the individual is not listening to us, unable to complete the task or doesn’t understand the task. As a result, healthcare providers or spouses might take away that functional level of independence, and require that they now perform the task with a minimal or moderate assist from a caregiver . When we give a directive, we have to take a step back, check ourselves, and give the person some processing time to see if that’s all that they need to be successful. Furthermore, older adults may take more time to get up from a chair or to walk across the room. Medical research has also shown that slower walking speeds lead to a higher risk of falling. All that to say,  aging individuals need both patience with their movement activities as well as they need to perform certain senior balance exercises to help stay stable during movement activities.

Senior Balance Exercises For Safe Movements

   Older adults who perform senior balance exercises will be more stable as they complete movement patterns like walking, climbing stairs, turning in the bathroom or bending over for cooking and dressing. One example of an equilibrium routine that helps to build good steadiness with all movements is standing with one foot directly in front of the other foot along a line. This tandem stance position and the narrow base of support it provides will challenge the balance reactions at your feet and ankles, making them stronger and faster. You can stand in this position for twenty seconds and repeat it three times on each foot. You can learn how to perform a tandem stance routine and other senior balance exercises by joining in with a qualified Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn how to perform balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn how to perform balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

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