Senior Balance Exercises After Surgery

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   Knee replacement surgery is common among older adults and practicing senior balance exercises can help aging individuals get back on their feet after surgery. Please see more information at Unfortunately, medical researchers have found that older folks and young folks have greater difficulties following total knee replacement surgeries. At the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), a recent paper was presented that showed that patients age 75 and older – as well as those age 45 and younger – report more pain and less activity following total knee replacement surgery. Total knee replacement (TKR) is one of the most popular elective orthopedic surgeries, with the overall incidence increasing by 120 percent from 2000 to 2009: 188 percent for patients ages 45 to 64, and 89 percent for elderly patients ages 65 to 84. “Knee replacement is a common, successful surgery in orthopedics,” said Randa Elmallah, MD, lead study author and research fellow working under the supervision of Michael Mont, MD, at Sinai Hospital’s Rubin Institute in Baltimore. However, despite comparable clinical results, “some patients are not satisfied, and we are trying to explore the potential reasons why.” Patients rated their status before the procedure and at different intervals after surgery – range of motion, pain, and activity levels associated with everyday tasks. The results of the study showed that
·         Patients age 75 and older reported greater pain at six weeks and one year after surgery.
·         The 75 and older and under 45 age groups reported the lowest activity scores at three months, and at five and seven years following surgery.
·         At two years post-surgery, patients age 45 to 74 had significantly higher function scores than the 75 and older group and the under 45 group.
  On one hand, following knee replacement surgery patients often experience immobility due to decreased balance and increased fear of falling. As a result, medical professionals like doctors, physician assistants and physical therapists encourage these patients to add senior balance exercises to their rehabilitation program.

Senior Balance Exercises To Enhance Stability

     Following me replacement surgery, older individuals would benefit from performing specific senior balance exercises to enhance their stability and reduce their fear of falling. One of the aspects of immobility after knee surgery relates to having changes in the sensory perception with new knee prostheses. As a result, it is essential for older individuals to practice sensory perception exercises to help reestablish their sense of center and thereby improve their overall steadiness. One equilibrium routune you can perform to help enhance your balance perception involves standing with your feet shoulder width apart and centering your body weight in the middle of your feet. In this position, you can concentrate on the sensory feedback from your feet touching the floor and your bodyweight centered in the middle of your feet. By focusing on this sense of touch you will enhance your stability and reduce the risk of falling. You can learn how to perform this senior balance exercise by following the demonstration of a qualified physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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