Arthritis And Senior Balance Exercises

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  Medical researchers have studied the effects of strengthening and senior balance exercises for those who have been diagnosed with arthritis. Please see more information at Older adults commonly experience osteoarthritis in three main areas:
  Osteoarthritis frequently causes side effects that include: -muscular weakness and imbalance 
-excessive joint movement and instability
– increased shear and peak joint forces
– cartilage degeneration
– joint collapsing
-muscle atrophy
-joint pain
-altered walking patterns and instability
-greater risk for falling
    In addition, medical researchers and healthcare professionals recommend that aging individuals participate in trunk and leg strengthening exercises as well as senior balance exercises to help minimize symptoms of Osteoarthritis and imbalance.

Senior Balance Exercises For joint Arthritis

     Since there is no cure for Osteoarthritis, treatments including strengthening routines and senior balance exercises are the current focus for management of symptoms. Pain relief, improved joint function,  joint stability and improved balance to reduce the potential of falling are the main goals of therapy. To combat muscle weakness and muscle atrophy, physical therapists suggest that those in the aging population rehearse resistance routines like mini squats and toe raises. as an example, you can stand near a counter or sink and slightly bend and straighten your knees to perform mini squats. Also, you can lift your heels up off the floor and back down to the floor in a calf raise exercise. Both of these strengthening routines can be performed twenty times a day. These exercises should be performed on a regular basis in order to counteract muscle atrophy, and these types of continuous exercise programs are recommended in people with degenerative joint disease and balance problems. In light of medical research, resistance type training has been proven to reduced pain and improve function for older individuals. Furthermore, after performing strength training routines, older adults were able to record increased walking speed on uneven terrains which led medical researchers to speculate that  resistance training also improved balance and proprioception. In summary, medical reports show clear improvement of Osteoarthritic  symptoms in patients undertaking exercise programs that include strength building and stability routines. Decreased pain and increased muscle function have been reported for both strengthening and balance training. One caveat however, is that  these effects do not persist if exercise programs are discontinued. Consequently,  the motivation of the patient to start and continuously practice exercise is of crucial importance. On another note, aging individuals who are unable to participate in repetitive exercise or sport programs should be encouraged to continue carrying out activities of daily life such as walking the dog, gardening, or biking to work. Additionally, now older adults can practice strengthening exercises and senior balance exercises in the comfort of their own home by following along with the instruction of a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDAsk About Falls And Senior Balance Exercises

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