Senior Balance Exercises For High Winds

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   Sometimes staying steady on your feet is an enormous challenge and practicing can senior balance exercises can help keep you grounded. See more information at As autumn turns into winter, we are faced with more and more blustery storms. Sometimes those storms can be preceded or accompanied by high winds. In addition, many times older adults find themselves in the midst of blustery winds when on a cruise ship or walking across a plane’s gateway. As a result, It is easy to find yourself bending in the wind and feeling as if you were going to fall over. One time, I even saw an older gentleman knocked over by high winds when we were out playing golf. Fortunately, he did not injure himself in the fall. It is wise however, to know how to use specific stability techniques to ground yourself and help improve your steadiness if you are ever caught in a situation where the wind is gusting ferociously. Thankfully, there are specific stability techniques and senior balance exercises that you can practice ahead of time to be prepared if you are ever caught outside on a windy day.

Senior Balance Exercises For Windy Times

      Staying steady on your feet in all types of weather conditions and on all types of surfaces to walk on can be enhanced by practicing senior balance exercises before you encounter a windy day or a slippery condition. As an example, there are specific steadiness techniques that you can employee that will help you improve your stability and reduce the risk of falling. To begin with, you can stand and center your body weight over your feet that are positioned shoulder width apart. In this standing position, concentrate on the sense of touch between your feet and the floor. Meanwhile, in this standing position try to center your bodyweight directly over the middle point of your feet. By focusing on the sense of touch between your feet and the ground as well as Centering your body weight, you will be able to greatly improve your sensory feedback to the balance center in your brain, which will help you feel more anchored and steady. You can also practice specific equilibrium routines that will help you improve how you control your body weight movements during windy days or while standing on slippery surface conditions. As an example, try standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your bodyweight centered in the middle of your feet. From this position slowly shift your bodyweight forwards and backwards then side to side. As you practice shifting your bodyweight, you will be able to increase the flexibility and strength in your lower leg muscles as well as enhance your balance reactions at your ankles which will enable you to stay stabilized during adverse weather or footing situations. You can learn how to perform the stability techniques and senior balance exercises by following the instruction of a qualified physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDExtend Health Span And Senior Balance Exercises

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