Senior Balance Exercises For Safe Living

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  Staying active later in life is an important goal for many older individuals and following a few safety procedures as well as performing  senior balance exercises on a  daily basis will help those in the aging population to improve stability and avoid falling. Please see more information at In later years, there are normal changes that occur in the body as we age. As an example, as you age, the ends of your chromosomes become shorter. Shortening ones DNA chromosomes makes you more likely to get sick. There are changes in ones lifestyle that can boost an enzyme that makes them longer. Furthermore, studies show diet and exercise can protect the telomeres on chromosomes. Medical researchers reveal to us the bottom line: Healthy habits may slow aging at the cellular level. Here are four tips on how to sustain chromosome length and subsequent health:
Make Sleep a Priority
Getting enough quality sleep can lower your risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and mood disorders. It’ll also help you recover from illness faster. Burning the midnight oil, on the other hand, is bad for you. Snooze for less than five hours a night and you might boost your chances of dying early, so make sleep a priority.
Manage Stress
You’ll never completely avoid stress, but you can learn ways to control it. Try yoga, meditation, or deep breathing. Even a few minutes a day can make a difference.
Use Safety Gear
Accidents are the fifth most common cause of death in the U.S. and the top cause for people ages one to twenty-four. Wearing safety gear is an easy way to boost your odds of a long life. Seatbelts reduce the chances of death or serious injury in a car wreck by 50%. Most fatalities from bike accidents are caused by head injuries, so always wear a helmet.
Participate In Daily Exercise
By participating in routine fitness program, senior citizens are able to maintain there chromosome length, which promotes healthy living. Medical researchers as well as healthcare providers agree that older individuals should include senior balance exercises in their physical fitness program in order to have necessary steadiness with all movement activities.

Senior Balance Exercises For Safe Movements

     To stay safe during physical fitness activities, it is critical for older individuals to practice senior balance exercises to establish necessary steadiness for all movement patterns. To prepare for essential exercise programs that will help sustain the health of your DNA chromosomes like brisk walking or biking, you can begin by rehearsing equilibrium routines where you stand on one foot and swing the other foot forwards and backwards and side to side. This steadiness routine will help you develop adequate stability on one foot as you swing the other foot forwards, just like a normal walking pattern. By rehearsing this equilibrium routine on a regular basis you will establish good overall steadiness.  You can initiate this static and dynamic stability routine and other senior balance exercises by following the instruction of a qualified Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn how to perform balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn how to perform balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

    To promote DNA health, get started on a course of the best balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD. The healthcare provider recommended Exercise For Balance DVD is a high quality instructional DVD to use at home or in a group setting. The easy to understand and simple to follow Exercise For Balance DVD includes  a step by step series of the latest balance and strength exercises necessary to optimize senior fitness and to carry out basic daily activities like shopping, doing laundry,  walking, standing, cleaning house, stair climbing or to advance to more difficult pursuits like skiing, dancing, playing golf and hiking. In the  comprehensive Exercise For Balance DVD, you will learn how to improve stability, how to apply steadiness techniques and how to safely execute balance routines from a  qualified balance specialist — licensed Physical Therapist—who has worked with balance and dizziness disorders for over 25 years. Get your copy of the Exercise For Balance DVD by clicking on the BUY NOW button

For DNA health, start balance exercises today with the Exercise For Balance DVD to improve balance and prevent falls.

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