Senior Balance Exercises For Stability

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  As we age, one of the issues older adults face is a slumping posture leading to the potential of falling forwards, which can be improved by focusing on both head alignment as well as practicing senior balance exercises. Please see more information at Having a forward head position as well as forward body alignment creates a greater potential for older individuals to fall forward and injure themselves. In physical therapy, we have a simple test that can help patients determine if they have a forward head posture. The test involves having the person stand with their back to the wall and touch the buttock and mid back region against the wall. If the person cannot touch their head to the wall while standing in this position then they have what is classified as a flexed posture. Furthermore, if the distance between their head and the wall is greater than zero, they have a 4.6 likelihood ratio for experiencing vertebral fractures. This head to wall test has been recommended as a screening tool to help identify individuals with possible vertebral fracture potentials. By identifying these particular people, medical professionals can help encourage these patients to be sure to practice senior balance exercises on a daily basis to help improve their overall steadiness and minimize their risk for falling and injuring themselves.

Senior Balance Exercises For Preventing Falls

    Older individuals who participate in a senior balance exercise program on a regular basis are more apt to have adequate stability for all movement activities and to avoid falling and sustaining a hip or shoulder fracture. Part of a comprehensive equilibrium program for those in the aging population should include working on proper head and trunk posture. Older individuals who demonstrate the best overall spinal and head alignment maintain a position where the Head is positioned directly over the shoulders and spinal column so that the weight of the head is supported by the bony vertebrae in the spine. In this position, you will find that your body weight is centered along a plumbline down to the middle of your arches in your feet. By concentrating on keeping your body weight aligned in the center of your feet, you will be able to maintain a more upright position which leads to having greater overall steadiness with standing and walking activities. You can practice a standing equilibrium routine that includes standing with your feet shoulder width a part and your body weight centered in the middle of your feet. by Holding this position for thirty seconds with your eyes open and then your eyes closed, you will develop strong connections between the sense of touch in your feet and that balance center in your brain, thereby improving your general steadiness.  You can learn how to maintain proper head and trunk posture as well as learn how to perform necessary senior balance exercises by joining in with a demonstration of these specific techniques by a qualified physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn how to perform balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn how to perform balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

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