Senior Balance Exercises For Stability

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   Older adults tend to give in to the effects of gravity and slump forward in their upper back, leading to poor posture and a need for practicing postural alignment exercises as well as senior balance exercises. Please see more information at A forward leaning posture not only puts an older adult at risk for falling forwards but it also affects the vertebrae in the upper back spine. As we know, growing older is accompanied by grey hair and wrinkles. Additionally, there are, however, changes in the body that occur below the surface. As an example, in later years older adults often experience changes in the bones of the spine where they become weaker and thinner. This process leads to a condition called osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can often be painful and lead to disabling spinal compression fractures. As a matter of fact, each year about 750,000 people which are mostly women experience spinal compression fractures. Additionally, these vertebral fractures are the most common side effect of osteoporosis. For all of us, throughout life we continually lose old bone and form new bone in the spine and throughout the body. As we age however, in our late 20s we begin to make more bone then we lose and those bones become stronger. After our 20s, bone growth and loss are about the same rate up until the age of 50. In our 50s, bone loss begins to take the lead ahead of bone growth. Furthermore, in women bone loss increases sharply after menopause. One result of this bone loss is that adults after the age of 50 who experienced a fall are more likely to sustain a spinal compression fracture. Consequently, it is critical for older individuals to limit their potential of falling. The best way to reduce the possibility of a fall is to rehearse senior balance exercises as part of a regular physical fitness program.

Senior Balance Exercises For Spine Health

    Medical professionals such as doctors, physician assistance, nurses and physical therapists recommend that older adults practice specific senior balance exercises to limit their exposure to falling and potential spinal vertebral compression fractures due to a fall. One example of an equilibrium routine that older individuals can perform involves standing in a tandem stance manner. Tandem stance involves standing with one food directly behind the other foot for twenty seconds three times in a row and then switching with the other foot in front and standing twenty seconds three times in a row. Practicing tandem stance routines on a regular basis will help aging individuals to increase their balance reaction time and muscle strength in their lower legs and ankles, Thereby improving their overall stability as well as minimizing the risk for falling. You can learn how to practice tandem stance routines and other senior balance exercises by following the direction of unexperienced physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

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