Senior Balance Exercises For Better Stability

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  Spraining an ankle can happen early in a person’s life and lead to the need for practicing senior balance exercises to regain steadiness later in life. Please see more information at  Ankle sprains can be a common injury in our youth and middle age secondary to:
– participating in sports
-stepping off a curb wrong
-tripping on a log or tree stump when hiking
-stepping down a stair and landing on an object like a shoe or book
   Sprained ankles can lead to swelling, stretching out the ligaments in the ankle, pain, limping, a change in the biomechanics of walking, weakness in the leg muscles, imbalance and a greater risk for falling. Sprained ankles that are left untreated can cause both immediate instability and instability later in life. This instability can also result in arthritis at the joints. Many times people do not think that they need to see a doctor or a physical therapist for a sprained ankle. However, if you are having trouble walking or putting weight on your ankle it is essential to have it evaluated. Treatment for sprained ankles cannot only help prevent falls caused by a painful and unstable ankles but treatment can also help to minimize arthritis later in life. There are several key components to help strengthen your ankles including limiting wearing high-heeled shoes and flip-flops. In place of these shoes you can wear shoes that have a wide and low heel as well as an enclosed toe and shoes that lace up which provide more support. Furthermore, you can use an insert or brace following an ankle sprain. The insert will help to absorb the shock of walking and a brace will help support the foot and ankle. In addition a brace can help prevent any future ankle sprains. Finally, you can do specific exercises to strengthen and stretch your ankle muscles as well as improve your balance. There are specific senior balance exercises which can be done at home to help enhance steadiness and reduce the risk of falling.

Senior Balance Exercises After Ankle Sprains

     Practicing specific ankle routines as well as senior balance exercises will help to increase stability and  reduce falls. One exercise that will help improve the mobility at your ankle involves writing the alphabet. You can cross your right knee over your left knee and write the alphabet with your right foot as if your toes are the point of a pencil. By doing this ankle flexibility routine, you are working your ankle joint through its entire range of motion and working the muscles that help to stabilize the ankle. You can also practice and equilibrium exercise that involves standing on one foot for twenty seconds three times and then standing on the other foot for twenty seconds three times to help increase your overall stability. You can learn how to perform these senior balance exercises by following the directions of a knowledgeable physical therapist in the exercise for balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

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