Senior Balance Exercises To View Fall Colors

By Suzanne Stoke, Physical Therapist @ Exercise For Balance via

   The changing colors and cooler temperatures signal that it is time to head out to enjoy the beautiful Fall foliage, made safer by practicing senior balance exercises beforehand. Please see more information at  In many areas of the country, the Fall foliage is simply magnificent. In the East areas like New Hampshire and Vermont come alive with deep reds and brilliant orange leaves on the trees. Here in Colorado, the Aspens turn a magnificent gold. The quaking golden aspens are typically highlighted by snow capped mountains as the high peaks start to gather snow. There are several different ways to take in the Fall colors. One of the best ways to view the wonderful sights includes getting out and hiking on trails through the beautiful scenery. Hiking on uneven terrain requires a certain measure of stability to make sure you don’t trip on a tree root or slip on a rock and fall. another way to see the Fall foliage is to travel by bus or car through the vistas. For those folks who take in the colors by bus, there are specific steadiness requirements. As an example, it takes quite a bit of balance to get on and off a bus without catching your toe and tripping. Since viewing the Fall colors necessitates steadiness skills, it is suggested that older individuals practice senior balance exercises before heading out to see the vibrant colors.

Senior Balance Exercises For Autumn Time

    To make the most of your Autumn outing to views the spectacular colors, it is best to perform certain senior balance exercises to get you ready. To help you prepare to walk on uneven trails, you can start in the safety of your own home performing tandem walking routines. Tandem walking involves walking along a line where you touch the heel of one foot to the toe of the other foot. In this tandem walking routine, you will challenge the balance reactions at your feet and ankles. Consequently, your ankles will get stronger and more able to keep you upright when you are walking on uneven terrain outdoors. You can learn how to rehearse tandem walking and other senior balance exercises by joining in the demonstration of senior balance exercises presented by a qualified Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

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