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  Healthcare professionals and now medical researchers are touting the health benefits of dancing, especially when preceded by improving steadiness through practicing senior balance exercises. Please see more at As an example, research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology/Lifestyle 2016 Scientific Sessions showed that a four-month dance program helped older Latino adults walk faster and improved their physical fitness, which may reduce their risk for heart disease. Furthermore, Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago tested whether a community-based intervention focused on Latin dancing could benefit 54 Spanish-speaking adults (about 65 years old, 80 percent Mexican female) who were not very physically active.  Participants were randomly assigned to either participate in a dance program twice a week for four months or to attend a health education program. All participants completed questionnaires about their leisure time physical activity and a 400-meter walk test at the start and end of the study. After four months of twice-weekly Latin dancing, researchers found:
·         Dancers walked faster and were more physically active during their leisure time than before they started dancing.
·         Dancers completed a 400-meter walk in just under 392 seconds compared with almost 430 seconds at the start of the study.
·         Leisure physical activity rose from 650 minutes to nearly a total of 818 minutes per week.
Those in the health education classes had a smaller improvements in their fitness – they finished the 400-meter walk in about 409 seconds at the end of the study compared with 419 seconds four months earlier; total time spent on weekly leisure physical activity increased from 522 minutes to 628 minutes over the course of the study. In addition to suggesting older individuals take up Latin dancing, medical researchers recommend that the aging person starts their dance program with senior balance exercises to establish necessary steadiness and limit the possibility of a fall.

Senior Balance Exercises For Safe Dancing

    Dancing can be a fun way that older adults take in exercise during the week and dancing can be enhanced through first building a strong foundation of steadiness by practicing senior balance exercises every day. The benefits of dancing are numerous and include increasing one’s heart rate, building leg strength, improving coordination, enhancing flexibility, building lung capacity And enjoying wonderful community and social interaction. You can improve your overall stability with your Latin dance moves by first rehearsing certain equilibrium exercises. As an example, you can practice standing on one foot and slowly then quickly swinging the other foot forward and backwards in a combination of static and dynamic equilibrium routines. Additionally, you can enhance your dynamic steadiness by sidestepping five steps in One Direction and then five steps in the opposite direction. By performing a sidestepping exercise, you will be able to build a strong platform of stability for more advanced moves in the Latin dances. You can learn how to perform correctly senior balance exercises by following the direction of a knowledgeable physical therapist in the exercise for Balance  DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

Learn balance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

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