Good Strength And Senior Balance Exercises

By Suzanne Stoke, Physical Therapist @ Exercise For Balance via

     By combining forces of strengthening exercises and senior balance exercises, older adults can improve their stability and mobility and enjoy being healthy and active. Please see more at  Having strong leg and core muscles are critically important for having good stability with all movement activities. Strong leg muscles help you to adapt to rough terrain if you’re walking outdoors on grass at the golf course or hiking trails through the woods. In addition, strong leg muscles help you get up and out of the chair safely so that you do not tip over and lose your balance. Furthermore having good core and leg strength helps to propel you upstairs so you can navigate stairs safely and without falling. In addition, having strong muscles to produce force in the legs will help you to catch your balance if you trip over something like shoes or a throw rug on the floor. By catching yourself from tripping you will avoid falling and the injuries that often occurs with falls. Here are a few examples of excellent strengthening exercises that you can perform three to four times a week at home or at the gym:
Back Leg Raises (strengthens buttocks and lower back)


•    Stand behind a sturdy chair, hold on to the chair for better balance.
•    Slowly lift one leg straight back without bending the knee.
•    Keep the leg you are standing on slightly bent so you don’t lock out the knee. Hold this position for one to two seconds.

Side Leg Raises (strengthens hips, thighs, and buttocks)
•    Stand behind a sturdy chair with feet slightly apart, hold  on to the chair for necessary balance.
•    Slowly lift one leg at a time out to the side (at about a 45 degree angle).
•    Keep the leg you are standing on slightly bent. Hold that position for one to two seconds.
Calf Raises (strengthens calf muscles)
•    Stand behind a sturdy chair with feet slightly apart, hold  on to the chair for necessary balance. 
•     Slowly raise up on both toes, bringing your heels off the ground. Raise up on toes ten to twenty times
•      Raise up on toes ten to twenty times.
You can compliment these leg strengthening exercises by adding in complimentary  balance exercises for seniors.



Needed Strength And Senior Balance Exercises

   By joining forces of leg strengthening exercises and senior balance exercises, older adults can improve their steadiness and mobility and stay healthy and active well into the Golden Years of Life. In addition to the leg strengthening exercises that were mentioned above, aging individuals can practice equilibrium routines in the comfort of their own home. One such stability exercise involves standing on one foot while holding onto a counter or table. By standing on one foot, the balance system is challenged to increase stability as well as leg strength which enhances overall steadiness. You can learn how to perform certain dynamic balance activities By following the direction of a knowledgeable Physical Therapist in the Exercise For Balance DVD.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises with the Exercise For Balance DVD

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