Senior Balance Exercises For Longer Health Span

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    Medical researchers are looking at ways to extend health span for older adults and some of their research points to participating in fitness exercises, senior balance exercises and partaking in good nutrition. Please see more at Medical scientists are looking a various ways to implement external factors for longer and healthier living. As an example,  researchers are interested to see if the ability to withstand disease could also be central to lifespan. Studies of exceptionally long-lived people are helping to establish patterns of health decline and increased disease (called morbidity) with old age. For example, do health problems start around the same age in all people and expand over extra years of life for the long-lived, or are the problems delayed, occurring closer to the end of life among exceptional agers? Evidence from a Danish longitudinal study of 92- to 100-year-olds found that health problems seem to be delayed, appearing closer to the end of life. This is not a certain outcome, but in many studies, the average centenarian seems to be in better health than the average 80-year-old. However, living to 100 does not mean never having any health issues. In the New England Centenarian Study, researchers have developed three categories for their long-lived participants. They are characterized as “survivors,” “delayers,” or “escapers,” depending on whether they have survived a life-threatening disease, delayed a serious health problem until much later in life, and/or escaped any serious health events. Scientists used to think that long life was a good indicator of health span, or years of good health and function. However, some experiments, particularly in mice, demonstrate significant improvements in health, without actually increasing lifespan. For example, National Institute of Aging scientists and grantees (that is, scientists at a university or other institution whose research is funded by  National Institute of Aging ) examining the effects of the wine-derived compound resveratrol in mice on a normal diet found the compound positively influenced the health of the mice—resveratrol-treated mice had better bone health, heart function, strength, vision, coordination, and cholesterol than the control group. But, resveratrol did not increase lifespan. (Lifespan was increased, however, in mice on a high-fat diet supplemented with resveratrol.) Understanding how to extend health span—apart from its impact on longevity—is a growing focus of many studies, and for good reason. Imagine a society where a majority of people live to be 100, but along with the added years comes considerably more physical decline. While there is still a place for lifespan research, health span research holds promise for revealing ways to delay or prevent disease and disability so that we can live healthier longer. Medical researchers and healthcare providers like doctors and physical therapists agree, however, that older adults who stay physically active and who participate in senior balance exercises to limit falls are generally more healthy and enjoy a greater quality of life.

Senior Balance Exercises For Optimal Living

   One key component to healthy aging includes rehearsing specific senior balance as part of a daily fitness program. You can learn which equilibrium routines to practice and how to work senior balance exercises into your daily routine by following along with the program in the exercise for balance dvd.

Senior Balance Exercises In The Exercise For Balance DVDbalance exercises

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